Dream Request Poly Batting - Twin Size - P3TN - Made in the USA - Quilters Dream Batting

Quilters Dream Batting

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This package of batting is 93" x 72".

The thinnest loft.

A lightweight and consistent batting developed especially for hand quilters – ideal for fine micro-stitching with an exceptional drape.

Handle gently to create lovely domestic machien quilts.

Can be used on the longarm when floating the top.

Exceptional for light-weight quilts, summer quilts, and wearables.


  • 100% fine denier fibers.
  • Dream Poly resists bunching and shifting and is strong enough to stitch up to 12″ apart giving the quilter incredible freedom of design.
  • Warm and breathable.
  • No scrim, resin or glues so that your quilt remains soft and quilts beautifully.
  • Your finished quilt may be machine wash and dried.  May dry clean.  
  • Dream Poly resists holding a crease or wrinkling which makes Dream Poly a perfect choice for packing, storing and traveling.
  • No shrinkage – which can help give a modern quilting look when used with prewashed/preshrunk fabrics.